Black N White SuperballGot a few things coming up that you dont want to miss!!

First we have our man Cut la Whut rockin Bozeman on Dec 21 for a Mayan End of the World party at the Zebra lounge

Then Bangin! is designing the stage and blowin it up with a video mapping installation for the VibeSquad-Mikey Thunder show at the Pink Garter Theatre in JH WY on Dec 22nd. Bangin! is also doing the stage for Elliott Lipp-Pool Party-Craft show on Dec. 28th at the Pink Garter as well.

After that we are sending Cut la Whut down to Tahoe for the Black and White Superball put on by Fresh Bakin/Bounce Festival team and this is gonna be bonkers!! Its up at the Cal_Neva in North Lake so get on it and lets have a blast this month!! peace!

About cutlawhut

its like liquid.
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